5 Steps To Match Your Bridal Gown With The Right Undergarments

When you find the perfect bridal gown, the last thing you want is to ruin its look with the wrong undergarments. But how can you create the perfect pairing of lingerie and designer gown? Here are 5 steps to take.

Wait Until Your Fitting. Resist the urge to buy undergarments too early in the dress purchase and fitting process. The reason? Your needs will likely change depending on what dress you choose and how it fits on your particular body. Many brides assume that shaping undergarments are all the same, but there's a great variety. So use your dress fittings as a time to start the undergarment shopping process.

Have a Lingerie Fitting. Once you have your bridal gown in hand, schedule an appointment with the wedding shop or a quality lingerie shop. This allows you to take the time needed to try things on with the wedding gown and find the right pairing. These stores will likely have a better selection to choose from, as well.

Know What's Accentuated. When trying on your bridal gown, identify what the dress accentuates on your figure as well as areas that are loose-fitting and tight-fitting. Looser areas won't need as much care with undergarment choice, but sleeker ones will need more specialized pieces. And you can look for shaping garments specifically for parts of the body (such as the butt, cleavage, waistline, or thighs) that will stand out in your dress style.

Target What You Need. Modern shapewear comes in everything from small, targeted pieces to slips and nearly full body coverage. If you only need to target one specific area, don't choose an undergarment that covers everything else uncomfortably. The more freedom you feel under your bridal gown, the more you'll enjoy your day in it. If you do want more full coverage, look for one piece that will fill the bill rather than a lot of individual pieces that may become irritating after a few hours. 

Have Fun Where You Can. Once you know where you will placing shapewear and where you have more freedom, have fun with your choices. If your skirt, for example, isn't sleek or single-layer, opt for a fun pair of beautiful panties or a thong that will make you feel gorgeous. If you can wear a bra, get one especially for the occasion. Or, if your dress is structured sufficiently in the bodice, give yourself a day off from the bra! 

As you shop for a bridal gown, keep these few undergarment tips in mind. Together, the dress and its lingerie will form a beautiful pairing that you'll look back on happily for the rest of your life. 

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