Getting Married? Ditch The Drama - Go To Las Vegas

If you are planning to get married in the upcoming year, you may already be knee deep in preparations. These preparations normally engulf you in a large amount of stress, pressure, and debt. Fortunately, you still have time enough to scrap the plans that you have made and get married in Las Vegas. This allows you to have the wedding of your dreams planned by professionals who conduct more weddings than anyone else in the world. If this does not convince you, here are several other reasons that Las Vegas may be the best venue for your event.

The Economics Of It

The average cost of a wedding in 2014 has now topped $31,000 not including the cost of your honeymoon. The cost could be much more if you are married in Manhattan, where the average cost is more than $76,000, or much less if you are married in Oregon where the average cost is a little more than $15,000. This cost, of course, is also driven by what you want to have included in your wedding package. 

When you choose to get married in Las Vegas you will find yourself with a much wider range of options, offered at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. The average cost of a wedding in Las Vegas begins at $40 at one of the many chapels and can range up to $20,000 at one of the luxury hotels. Even if you chose to spend more, this is still a fraction of the average cost anywhere else in the country.

Eliminate The Uninvited Or The Unwelcome

No matter where you get married, there are usually at least one or more guests that was not on your initial guest list. You are normally pressured into inviting these guest because of who they are with, or who else you have invited. When you get married in Las Vegas, your wedding will only include those that are willing to pay to be with you, or that you are willing to foot their expense. This usually narrows it down to those in your immediate circle of family or friends. These are usually the people you really wanted to attend anyway.

Drama And Stress Free

With more than 120,000 weddings taking place each year in Las Vegas, the city has the process down to a science. You do not have to worry about setting up meetings months in advance to plan every little detail of the day. If you are planning a deluxe or luxury wedding, you can entrust all of these details to one of the many wedding planners in the city. It you are planning a small affair at one of the Las Vegas wedding chapels all you have to do is:

  • Purchase the package you want 
  • Go downtown and get your marriage license
  • Show up and get married

Of course you will have to make whatever travel arrangements you will need prior to that time. 

It Becomes A Vacation For Everyone

When you are able to have a stress free wedding, everyone in your wedding party, including the bride and groom are able to enjoy your day. When your wedding takes place in Las Vegas, your entire party will not only enjoy your wedding, but will be able to engage in all of the wonderful activities that Las Vegas has to offer. This is a city that literally offers something for everyone. 

If you had not considered getting married in Las Vegas, maybe you need to reconsider your plans. This option is no longer just for those who are thinking about running away to get married. It could be a serious consideration for all. For more information about Las Vegas weddings, contact a company like A Little White Wedding Chapel