Learning About Planning The Perfect Wedding

Three Tips For Arranging Your Wedding

There are a great many factors and considerations that will have to be addressed as you are planning your wedding. Failing to properly address all of the issues that may arise can lead to some serious problems for your wedding day. You may be able to greatly improve your chances of having a successful and stress-free wedding by appreciating the value of some basic planning tips. Determine Whether The Venue Provides Photography Services Read More 

5 Ways To Save Money On A Wedding Venue Without Letting Guests In On The Secret

As wedding expenses continue to rise year after year, more and more couples look for ways to economize without guests noticing. If you want to do just that, here are five ways to save money on the wedding venue in sneaky ways: Try a Different Day. Choosing any day other than Saturday is a big, simple way to save tons of cash. And you might find that it benefits the entire wedding's costs as a whole. Read More 

3 Things To Look At When Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding

When you're planning a wedding, one thing that you probably want to focus on is choosing the perfect flowers. After all, you and your wedding party will probably both be wearing them, and you'll probably be using them to decorate all over your wedding and reception venue. There are so many flowers out there that are perfect for use in a wedding, so you could be a bit overwhelmed about choosing the right ones. Read More 

Wedding Dress Shopping: 4 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of The Experience

You have probably spent weeks -- if not months -- pouring through bridal magazine after magazine looking for inspiration for the perfect wedding gown. You have torn out the ones that jumped out at you, and it is now time to go on the hunt in real life. So, here are a few tips that will help ensure you get the most out of your wedding dress shopping experience: Tip #1: Make Sure You Make an Appointment. Read More 

Outdoor Wedding Venue? 4 Tips For Making Inclement Weather A Non Issue

According to The Knot, 40 percent of couples search tirelessly for a unique venue for their wedding. Banquet halls and churches are no longer the norm, as more couples start to think outside the wedding box. Outdoor weddings, especially farm and destination weddings, are on the rise. If you're looking for a unique setting to get married in, you may have selected an outdoor venue as well. However, weather can be unpredictable, so what's the best way to make sure weather doesn't ruin your special day? Read More