Planning A Winter Wedding? Maximize Comfort With Strategic Venue Selection

Loving chilly weather may tempt you to plan for a winter wedding. While some people may prefer summertime warmth, you might look forward to an icy start to your marriage. Despite liking the cold, you may want to ensure everyone is comfortable at the wedding. An effective strategy is prioritizing venue features and qualities that make this possible.


When you get married in wintertime, you may plan on picking an indoor venue. But all your guests will need to park their vehicles before walking to a warm building. This makes it important to look at each venue's parking situation to determine potential comfort levels.

An ideal scenario is parking in a heated parking garage, which you may be able to find with some venues. Another great option is covered parking that keeps rain and snow away. Both of these parking options will minimize discomfort for your guests when they arrive at the venue.

Considering the distance between parking and the venue building is also worthwhile. You can prioritize a short distance to reduce the effort that older guests must put in.


An indoor venue will help you guarantee comfort during the ceremony and reception. Inside a building will naturally be warmer than the outside on a winter day or evening. Touring venues you are interested in allows you to learn about crucial details, such as building insulation. A well-insulated building can keep your guests warm and comfortable without much heating.


While you may appreciate superb insulation, you will still want a venue with a heating system to provide warmth throughout the venue. Looking at venues well before your wedding means you may check them out during warm or mild months. However, you can ask a venue if they are willing to show you their heating system in action to determine the warming capabilities.

A heating system should warm the whole room, including the center and all corners.


When you plan a winter wedding, you may love the idea of warm food and drinks at the reception. So, you can find a venue with an extensive list of catering options. This will allow you to choose a wedding package with all the hot or warm food and drinks you desire.

A smart plan is to taste-test some dishes to determine how much you like them and whether you want to use the venue's catering or find your own.

Maximizing comfort for a winter wedding is easy to do with strategic venue selection. For more information on wedding venues, contact a company near you.