Had To Trim Down Your Wedding? 5 Ways You Benefit

Many couples in 2020 (and looking forward to 2021) have seen their wedding plans trimmed down significantly. If a small wedding wasn't what you had planned, you have many reasons to rejoice at this unexpected limitation. Why? Here are five ways your wedding benefits from being small. 

1. You Have Less Stress. Wedding planning is notorious for causing stress to the happy couple as well as their friends and family. The less work you have to do for the wedding, though, the less you have to worry about it. Small weddings have fewer elements and fewer things that can go wrong. 

2. You Can Get a Great Venue. Where will you do the actual ceremony? Are there venues that spoke to you but weren't in the wedding budget or couldn't accommodate a big party? If so, this is your chance to upgrade your ceremony location. With smaller needs for the ceremony, you can choose a spot that will create the most beautiful wedding photographs and memories possible. 

3. You Can Upgrade Elsewhere. When you don't have to pay for a big reception, dinner for dozens or hundreds, multi-tier cake, full bar, or multiple venues, you can spend that money on other elements instead. Order the exotic flowers you really want. Switch from a buffet dinner to a fancy plated meal. Buy new jewelry for your wedding outfit. Or go for that designer gown. Where would you like to spend more now that you have it?

4. You Risk Fewer Conflicts. For many couples, wedding planning also means having to navigate difficult family situations and conflicts. When your wedding is limited to fewer people and fewer elements, the risk of conflicts and interpersonal problems is lower. It also allows you to avoid obligatory invitations to people you aren't sure you want at your wedding. 

5. You May Focus on the Details. When you must plan both a big party and an intimate ceremony, most couples become torn between focusing on the details and managing the big picture. When the details are all you have to worry about, you can get as lost in them as you want. And because the venue is small and the guests limited, everyone will appreciate your details more. 

Which of these unexpected perks of a slimmed-down wedding could make your day really special? No matter where you want to put your budget, your time, and your attention, the special additions will undoubtedly result in a wedding you'll love — even if it wasn't the one you originally had planned. For more information about wedding venues or services, contact a local company, like Pristine Chapel Lakeside.