4 Tips To Keep Costs Down When Picking A Wedding Venue

Before and after getting engaged, you may feel determined to make sure that your wedding is both incredible and memorable. However, this does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money that you see happening with some couples, especially in magazines and on television.

If you would like to do what you can to keep costs down while still enjoying a beautiful wedding, you will want to think about all the details so that you can focus on the ones that can save you money.

Reservation Date

When you decide on a time frame for getting married, you should start looking at wedding venues to see how much they cost to reserve on these days. This is an important step because you will likely find that weekend reservations cost a fair bit more compared to weekday weddings.

Since people often find it more difficult to take time off from work during the workweek, you usually see weddings take place on weekends more often than weekdays. But, you can use this to your advantage to save money on the total cost of the wedding by opting for a weekday.

Guest Count

An easy way to minimize the cost of your wedding is to keep the guest count low. A large wedding demands a lot more space and extra personnel when it comes to vendors and professionals. This makes it worth sticking to family and close friends as for who you invite to the wedding. Reserving a venue that can fit 25 people will end up being much less costly than a 100-person venue.


When you look at some wedding venues, you will find that they do not have any packages to offer because the only thing they provide is the venue itself. However, you should not hesitate to consider wedding packages because it could lead to savings on the wedding expenses. You will find a wide range of packages where some only include the basics while others come with everything that you need for the wedding so that you do not need to do any other planning.

Vendor Choices

If you are not finding any complete packages that meet your needs, you can save money by being able to choose the vendors. This is something that you can do by finding a wedding venue that has several vendors to pick from as well as venues that allow couples to hire their own vendors.

Saving money on your wedding should be easy to do when you make use of these tips.