5 Times To Order Extra For Your Wedding Rentals

When planning your wedding party rentals, you probably do the math and plan to rent exactly what you need. However, you will be better prepared for the kinds of emergencies that happen at weddings if you remember to rent extras of the following things:


Pad your wedding chair order by about 10% more than your actual head count — both at the wedding and at the reception. Why? First, you should plan for the inevitable arrival of people who weren't on your guest list or those who didn't RSVP. Secondly, having extra chairs for people to mingle, converse, and rest during the reception is kind to your guests. 


Be sure you have available a few extra tables of various sizes and shapes. When turning your wedding planning into a reality, you will likely find a few challenges you didn't anticipate, a few items that don't fit where you planned them, and spaces that are too large or too small for the original table. You'll almost always make use of whatever tables you have on hand, so don't underestimate the value of providing yourself some more options. 


You don't want to miscount your linen needs, and linens can be damaged or spilled on in even the early stages of decorating your venue. Keep yourself from becoming stressed out if your ring bearer spills their punch or you decide you really do need a cloth on that guest book table. 


If you plan to party throughout the night, you'll need all the glassware you can get. People will get thirsty as they dance and enjoy the evening, so order extra to keep them hydrated. This is especially important if you plan to offer an open bar — or man a DIY bar yourself. 


Planning an outdoor wedding? Don't skimp on your space needs. Give everyone more room to move around by padding your tent size by about 10% -- this makes traffic flow easier and will help prevent clogging near the food or drink tables as well as the cake table. Adding a dance floor to your tent order? If your friends like to swing dance, boogie to their favorite disco, or perform a coordinated dance, consider adding extra space to the floor to avoid hazards.

While it may cost a little more to boost your rental orders, it will likely only be a minimal amount. You can prevent unnecessary stress or dangers by giving yourself extra items to work with, and then you can get back to the important part — enjoying your big day! For more information, contact wedding party rental services like Tlapaloza Party Rentals.