Tips For Choosing Wedding Flowers

Choosing the right florist for your wedding is essential if you want to ensure that you have an atmosphere that is pleasing to you on your wedding day. However, if you have not delved into the world of floral arrangements before you may have some questions about how you should go about choosing a florist and the type of flowers you should use on your big day. If this is the case, here are some things you need to know to make the right choices.

Choosing the Right Florist

Not all florists do the same things or have the same capabilities. Some florists will be able to create the floral arrangements that you want, but they won't be able to do the actual decoration for you. If you want someone to do the arrangements and display them at your wedding reception tables and the wedding ceremony aisle, then you will need a florist designer. Ask about the specific talents and abilities of you florist before you commit.

Show Not Tell

The first thing you need to do is scan magazines and online wedding sites to find the flowers and the decorative look that appeals to you. Once you have done this, cut out the magazine pictures or bring the magazine with the picture to your florist. You can print the examples you have found online and take them with you as well. When it comes to floral arrangements, seeing is better than telling.

You May Have to Settle for Look Alike Flowers

Even when you take along the ideal picture of what you want you should be aware that flowers are seasonal, just like fruits. The flowers that you would love to have may not be in season. However, there is a solution to this dilemma. Often flowers will have a lookalike and these can be used as substitutes to give you the look you want on your big day.

Choose Your Personal Bouquet Carefully

You should ensure that your personal bouquet contains flowers that will complement your look. If you are petite, then you shouldn't use flowers that overwhelm you. You should also ask for a sample of your personal bouquet before your wedding day. Make sure that the flowers that will be used will not provoke any allergic reactions. The last thing you want is a case of sneezing on your big day.

Choosing flowers for your wedding is a big decision. After all, flowers form a large part of the décor and style of your wedding. If you apply the guidance given here, you should be well on your way to making the right decisions. Contact local wedding planning services to learn more.