5 Ways To Save Money On A Wedding Venue Without Letting Guests In On The Secret

As wedding expenses continue to rise year after year, more and more couples look for ways to economize without guests noticing. If you want to do just that, here are five ways to save money on the wedding venue in sneaky ways:

Try a Different Day. Choosing any day other than Saturday is a big, simple way to save tons of cash. And you might find that it benefits the entire wedding's costs as a whole. Because weddings are competing with one another for traditional Saturday slots, choosing Sunday or a weekday makes space more available and costs lower. You may find that the same holds true for caterers, bakeries, and rental companies.

Opt for an Alternate Venue. Off-beat wedding venues, such as theaters, libraries, museums, and historical houses, are beautiful places to get married. And they often come with a much smaller price tag and easier scheduling than traditional locations. As a bonus, the change in venue can personalize the wedding to your tastes with less hassle. 

Combine Locations. Hosting the ceremony and reception in one space means you're only paying for one venue rental for the day rather than two. The ceremony only adds about an hour to your rental time and hardly changes the decorating scheme, so it may be much more cost effective to add the extra time instead of paying for another space and another set of decorations. 

Change the Time. Save money on the reception by scheduling it at a time when most people will not expect a full dinner. Opting for an early afternoon or late evening reception means you can get away with feeding your guests hors d'oeuvres rather than sit-down meals. This is especially valuable if your wedding venue requires that you use its catering service or bakers. 

Look for Natural Beauty. The more charming your wedding venue is, the less you'll have to add decorations. Look for a place that has large windows over a great view (a golf course, for example), features an outdoor ceremony location with rustic charm, or has an interesting feature you don't want to cover up (like the local brewpub). Use these as your base décor, thus saving time and money adding personality.

No matter what type of economizing is right for you, your guests can still enjoy your wedding and reception to the full while you save money with these easy tips. Contact a company like Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa for more information and assistance.