Outdoor Wedding Venue? 4 Tips For Making Inclement Weather A Non Issue

According to The Knot, 40 percent of couples search tirelessly for a unique venue for their wedding. Banquet halls and churches are no longer the norm, as more couples start to think outside the wedding box. Outdoor weddings, especially farm and destination weddings, are on the rise. If you're looking for a unique setting to get married in, you may have selected an outdoor venue as well. However, weather can be unpredictable, so what's the best way to make sure weather doesn't ruin your special day? Following are four tips for making inclement weather a non issue at your outdoor wedding. 

Plan According to Weather Patterns

First, figure out what you're ideal wedding day looks like. What's the temperature? How windy is it? Next, consider seasonal weather changes in your area. If spring brings showers, you may want to avoid the season altogether. After doing the preliminary research, you will have an idea of what season and month works best. Now you must strive to pick the very best weather day through intensive research. Read the farmer's almanac, study past weather trends and check out your location's weather trends on Weather.com

Rent Extra Stuff Just in Case

All the research in the world will help but can't predict weather with 100 percent reliability. Therefore, you must be prepared. Rent anything you will need if the weather goes south. If you think it may get chilly, rent some space heaters. If rain is an issue, rent a tent. Sure, it will cost you extra money to rent these items up front when you're not sure if you will even use them. However, it will be very difficult securing them last minute. 

Establish a Plan B

Many venues offer a plan B, an indoor space or tent that you can use if the weather is less than ideal. If your venue doesn't have a backup, create your own. Be sure to alert guests on your invitation of the "rain" location. 

Ask Guests to Weather the Storm with You

Things don't have to be perfect for your wedding to be beautiful. If it's sprinkling a little, pass out umbrellas and ask your guests to weather the storm with you. Small things, like a little rain on your wedding day, can make it even more special and memorable. 

As you can see, there are several ways you can make sure rain or an unexpected storm doesn't put a damper on your bid day. Talk to your wedding planner and/or your venue for more ideas specific to your region's weather patterns. 

Keep these tips in mind when searching for wedding venues for your big day.