Three Tips To Planning A Professional, Corporate Aura Wedding

Planning a wedding is an event that can bring high anxiety and stress. One of the ways that planning a wedding can be a lot easier on the nerves is to give your wedding a corporate theme. Planning companies, like Events By Nichole, that are used to throwing large, corporate events are masters of getting an entire weekend corporate event to go off without a hitch. Here are three tips to planning your wedding to be just like a corporate and professional event. 

Look for corporate event planners

Those who plan corporate events know how important it is that every detail be crafted for ease and enjoyment. This is exactly the type of planning that you need when you are pulling together a quality wedding. Check for firms that plan corporate events and retreats that also offer wedding planning. Let your professional planner know that you are looking for a professional and high-quality wedding and reception. They will be able to put together the actual wedding event as well as take care of other details like travel, hotels, and transportation for you and your guests. 

When in doubt, go with classic

Sometimes, the minute details of the wedding can be the biggest stressors. Trying to determine where to seat everyone, determining the colors, picking the first dance music, and more can cause a lot of back and forth. If you are having a corporate aura wedding, you should go with the classic when you feel indecisive. For colors, pick tones that are easier for the wedding party to find, or go with black and white as your wedding shades. A simple seating map that puts family and friends together, or tables that are long and keep everyone together will make it easier for the wedding details to fall together. 

Host short pre- and post-wedding events

At professional weekends or conferences, it is customary to host an introductory cocktail event as well as a closing ceremony. If your wedding is taking place over a weekend or as a two to three-day event, plan an introductory party when everyone arrives. This will allow all of your friends, family, and colleagues to meet up and say hello before the actual wedding is underway. After the wedding, host a short brunch or farewell party as a thank you to everyone who was in attendance. Just like with corporate events, everyone will be able to feel your gratitude plus leave your wedding feeling as if they were a part of something special.