Impress Your Clint -Hold Meeting On A Yacht

It is very important to give your clients a great experience when they come to visit. Your clients are probably used to meetings being held in stark conference rooms, consuming an average lunch from the local eatery, and a dinner or two at an expensive restaurant. As a business owner, it's up to you to make their visit memorable. Instead of the typical client experience, shake things up a bit and hold your meetings on a yacht. Chartering a yacht for the day is the best way to spend time with clients, whether they live far away or the next block over. Keep reading to learn why:

  1. Let The Scenery Speak For Itself

    Most people will agree that the location a meeting is held at can affect the attitude of the attendees. So, why not give your clients an amazing view during your meetings. When you have a meeting on a yacht, your clients can set their sights on the blue ocean dotted with colorful sails, happy fish darting through the wake, and the bright and sunny sky above. This relaxing and happy atmosphere makes doing business not seem like work at all. You will get more done in a meeting on a boat that lasts an hour, than you would in a 4-hour meeting in your conference room or office. Once business has been dealt with, the rest of the boating trip can be all about fun and relaxation. Grab a fishing pole and catch dinner, take a tour of the Captain's quarters, or just sit back and relax on a comfy chair on the deck and breathe in the refreshing salty air. If possible, hire your chartered yacht to continue through the evening so your clients can experience the magic of an ocean sunset. A meeting like this will definitely impress your clients.

  2. Impress Them With Gourmet Meals

    Many corporate charters include a professional waitstaff and chef to handle all the cooking on the boat. Your clients will be much happier eating a deliciously fresh seafood lunch instead of a greasy burger from the local fast food joint. The fancier the food is, the more impressed your business clients will be. And you already know that happy and impressed clients are always willing to pay more money to continue such a successful business relationship with you.

    Serving a gourmet snack right after boarding the yacht is also a great way to break the ice if you've never met these clients face-to-face before now. The fancy food will give you something to talk about, and it puts all meeting attendees into a calm and peaceful mood. When people are relaxed, it's easier to talk about business.

  3. Eliminate Stress

    Studies have shown that 73% of all workers feel stressed out at work. When a client comes to visit, the stress level of your employees can double because everyone is trying so hard to make the client's visit go smoothly. You can completely avoid this stress by having your client meetings on a large boat or yacht. Your employees, your clients, and your own stress will melt away as you gently rock on the ocean. When there is no stress blocking the way, creativity will soar.

  4. Go Above & Beyond

    Chartering a boat for client meetings will allow you and your clients to have plenty of time to enjoy the ocean. Work doesn't seem like work at all, when it's being done under the warm sun. And, when the work is complete, your clients don't have to go back to their hotel room. Everyone can stay on the boat and enjoy the rest of the day and/or evening. Having a meeting on a yacht is probably the last thing your clients expect, which will not only surprise them but it will show them just how important they are to you. They will notice that you have gone above and beyond to make them happy, so they will most likely decide to buy more of your products or services.

    Hiring a yacht for your next meeting is a unique option that is sure to impress your clients. Not only will you and your clients feel a reduction in stress and an increase in creativity, but your clients will be grateful for doing business with you. Having a business meeting on a yacht shows that you are willing to go above and beyond for your clients, which is how great business relationships are made.

For more information about renting yachts for corporate events, contact a yacht owner like those of the Scarlett Belle